Arianna is a cook, health coach and yoga teacher. She was born in Italy and now lives in NYC. Her work focuses on an holistic approach to make the body clean and happy. Her motto is to love thy self. 

First Combinbations


Here are some great combinations, and remember to then add some oils, herbs or spices:

  1. Banana + Avocado 
  2. Banana + Pear
  3. Banana + Butternut Squash + Cinnamon 
  4. Apple + Pear + Vanilla Powder + Cinnamon 
  5. Pear + Avocado + Chicken
  6. Apple + Banana + Ginger powder
  7. Sweet Potato + Pear + Butternut 

Since at the beginning your little one will take small quantities you can put some puree foods on ice cubes trays and take out various combinations as they go. 

Also, you can make the various foods and separate in different containers and then mix them up in various combinations.

As for Baby Leg Weaning steaming or baking are the best way to make the foods:

  1. Broccoli 
  2. Apples 
  3. Sweet potatoes 
  4. Pears 

Beginning Tools

First Steps