Arianna is a cook, health coach and yoga teacher. She was born in Italy and now lives in NYC. Her work focuses on an holistic approach to make the body clean and happy. Her motto is to love thy self. 

Beginning Tools



Useful tools:


  1. Beaba: This has been my saviour as a busy mom. You just put the food there and instead of forgetting it and burning the pan Beaba does it all for you.
  2. Steamer: This is an alternative if you don't want to add something else to your kitchen counter or are only doing baby leg weaning 
  3. Immersion blender: This is also an alternative to the Beaba for puree and soups
  4. Food processor: I make hummus, cocoa balls, breadcrumbs with it
  5. Munchkins - Fresh food feeder great for summer and to snot puree food and hand mouth coordination.
  6. Food cutter - This make food easier o grab for baby led feeding
  7. Spoons - Avanchi, Munchkin, Beaba and Grabease  
  8. Full on bib - Bumkins Waterproof Sleeved Bib This has been a savior for messy babies 
  9. Silicon bibs - modern twist So easy to clean 
  10. High chair whichever works for you
  11. Storage containers: OXO or Balls Jars. Glass is my go to and small size are great for the beginning. I switched to bigger ones at 10 months. 
  12. plates: Once we start using plates we turned to Avanchi bamboo and silicone ones and we love them. There are also place mates that are a big thing now. 
  13. Trainer cups: We started to a simple small size glass cup we were giving her, then used Avanchi and finally found our favorite cup, the Zoli. 



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