Arianna is a cook, health coach and yoga teacher. She was born in Italy and now lives in NYC. Her work focuses on an holistic approach to make the body clean and happy. Her motto is to love thy self. 

Almond Milk

Making almond milk is a very easy and pretty painless process. If you have kids, it's a fun activity to do with them to make them love healthy food and learn how to make food from scratch.


2 cups of almonds 

4 cups of water 


Put in a bowl the almonds and soak them for the all night 

In the morning clean them from the old water and put in a blender 1 cup of almonds with 2 cups of water and blend till very liquid

In a bowl put a cheese cloth and pour the composition in it and let first the liquid go thru the cloth and then gently squeeze the cloth to let the rest of the liquid come out. Throw out the scraps of the almonds who have no taste anymore and repeat the process for the other cup. 

Pour everything in a Ball jars and put in the fridge. 

Since this milk is homemade it will last no more then 3-4 days so make sure to use it everyday. 

You can put in your smoothies, soak and cook your oatmeal or make dairy-free desserts.

How do you use your almond milk? Do you make any other types of milk home? Let me know!

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