Arianna is a cook, health coach and yoga teacher. She was born in Italy and now lives in NYC. Her work focuses on an holistic approach to make the body clean and happy. Her motto is to love thy self. 

Make you Thanksgiving a happy day

Thanksgiving is approaching and it appears that the new hot topic is what are the best tips to face this monumental meal. You want to enjoy it without it turning into a nightmare of hunched over the couch holding you stomach in blissful pain. Let your Thanksgiving be a blessing not a torture of how much you can fit in one meal. 

There are different tips people will give you or you will read, I made a small list of my own with these 5 easy tricks for your cooking and eating. 

1. Pre-order the turkey

If you are the one delegated to cook the turkey don't just go to the supermarket and buy your turkey the day before Thanksgiving. First it's going to be a mad house, instead pre order it and you are certain you will have it in time from a great farm. Food Babe has a very good article on factory farmed turkey, and it is quite scary. There are tons of places to order you turkey, here are some ideas. Any local farmers near you will be happy to sell you one, some farmers markets, Good Eggs if you living in Brooklyn, New Orleans, San Francisco Bay, your local butcher who sells pasteur raised meat like Fleisher's in Park Slope or Whole Foods. 

2. Vegetables are the kings

On the table there will be turkey, salads, cranberries, sauces, vegetables, cakes, pumpkin and more. Try everything by all means but make your plate as full as possible with veggies. They will fill yo up with out making you feel heavy, so you can have some room left over for your grandmas pie or you mother's famous stuffing. 

3. Don't eat it if you don't fell it

When all this food is on the table, your eyes become huge and bigger then you stomach. You stop thinking and just ingest. We tend to eat everything, even food that you know won't make you feel good but you want to be polite to the chefs who cooked all day. Think consciously when you eat and try to avoid gluten or refined sugar. These are some of the hardest food to digest and have lots of negative impact to your body. An alternative can be to baking yourself a cake with fresh ingredients including different sweeteners (maple syrup or coconut sugar) and gluten free flour or none at all. Have you ever tried flourless cake. 

4. Drinking consumption

Alcohol will be part of the meal, and some nice red wine is always delicious to pair with a great meal but don't over do it. Combine some water with lemon to alkalinize and help digestion. When you have dessert (which you will probably skip or have a small bite) combine it with some  hot water or green tea. 

5. Pace yourself

 When we see a table full of delicious food all we want is to indulge and out eyes just become bigger then our stomach. After all that food tough, we end up full on the couch or saying to our self "why we did I do that". Instead of devouring your food make you plate full and stick with it. Try to think what your body really craves and get indulge a little. If there is something you body doesn't agree with avoid it. Take care of your body and enjoy the day.  

What are your tips for this Thanksgiving? The more the better!

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