Arianna is a cook, health coach and yoga teacher. She was born in Italy and now lives in NYC. Her work focuses on an holistic approach to make the body clean and happy. Her motto is to love thy self. 

Holiday Gifts 2015

When it comes to Christmas there is the scare of what to get people and people end up getting something with no real purpose or needed. Don't worry I got you covered this year again. Here are few of my favorites:

The Cooking Type

If you have a friend, a loved one or your mother who loves cooking healthy then the new trend is to make pasta out of vegetables. Zoodles, beet or carrot pasta, you name it. Get the spiralizer now and I am sure it will be well used by your loved ones. 

The Designer

For the designer ones, which might have every possible gadget already a SOMA water pitcher is a great gift. It doesn't only have an amazing design, but it's also environmentally friendly and for one year they will send you filters every 2 months so you don't need to remember when to change it. 

The Healthy One

Do you have a busy bee in the family who still wants to have healthy fast snacks and foods? Aloha has it all, from it's delicious chocolate, sports bar, teas, coconut water powder to protein powders. All of their products are vegan, GMO free, dairy and gluten free and with code FEEDTHEBODYANDSOUL you get 20% OFF your order. Order now and your friend or family member will be ecstatic.

The Beauty Person

During Christmas when you don't know what to get to a woman, girl friend you might tend to get the a Victoria Secret shower gel, or Body Works product but unfortunately those have many harmful chemicals inside, so why intend switch to clean products for your girlfriend, mother, in-law or sister. Some of my favorites are S.W.Basics, Beautycounter and Nurture my Body. As for Make up these two are great Beautycounter or Antonym.



The Reader

I am sure you have a reader in the family, here are 3 of my favorite fun food books that can be great to give your child, wife, husband or friends. Food Rules by Michael Pollan is an easy book with different question you might have about healthy food and he has answers for you with great designs. The New Health Rules from Frank Lipman & Daniel Claro is a great book to simply achieve a whole-body wellness. For your child who might like reading here is a fun book called How Did That Got Into My Lunch Box? The Story of Food.

The Juicer and Soup Person

A last great gift for that person who loves making morning smoothies, night fast soup a Nutribullet could be the perfect gift and is so useful for making many other things. It will be a well used investment I promise. 




What are you getting for Christmas this year? I love to hear new suggestions! 

Apple, Walnut, Blueberry Morning Muffin

Golden Anti-inflammatory Smoothie Bowl