Arianna is a cook, health coach and yoga teacher. She was born in Italy and now lives in NYC. Her work focuses on an holistic approach to make the body clean and happy. Her motto is to love thy self. 

Give Health and Earth Conscious Gifts this Year

When Christmas comes around everyone is running into stores and trying to get anything as a gift for their special one, best friend, family and children. Who doesn't loves getting gifts? This year you can make it extra special giving something useful and that can make a difference. Here is my short list with some ideas to sparkle your mind.

1. For the legging all the time one

Well + Good is a great website to be always informed of the latest healthy and fashionable trends. From clean products, to delicious recipes. Obviously they also have the best leggings and this year they featured some starry pants that are going to be perfect for your fit friend or girlfriend. 

2. For the foodie

Being health conscious has become a trend and technology is trying to create gadgets to make the process fun and teach people what they eat. I came across this great device which will be able to tell you the ingredients in the food you are about to eat, even what is not labeled. Doesn't that sound great? It's a perfect gift for parents who have children with allergies or that want to keep away their family from eating unhealthy. 

3. For the home cooking one

Today people are starting to pack their own lunch or make food for their children but when you put the warm food into a plastic container and then microwave it studies show how the plastic release into your food, and can be very toxic. Why not get a great and fun set of containers from Konserve? You will get something useful and safe.

4. For the yoga lover

Yoga is spreading around the globe because of its great benefits physically and mentally, but then some people have no time to go to class or pay for a studio. If you want t o get something a little more expensive but worth the price,  here is a tip for you. This speaking mat is incredible, useful for every level and something nobody will have yet. 

5. For the tech savvy 

Do you have someone in your list who is a gadget lover? Who doesn't! Today technology is growing and people are creating amazing new tools. This out of the ordinary gift could be the present for that person who has every gadget, but probably not this one.

6. Give something safe and elegant for the body

Lotions, body wash and make up is a safe buy for your friend or your family member which you don't know what to get. But how about get something still luxurious without compromise? Today health company are growing into two different ways: The most known labels who have toxic ingredients and sometimes don't need to label them because of laws and the more conscious and safe companies who are still effective but they don't compromise your body. Beautycounter is a safe, clean company who has everyday care to great make up. 

Are some of these ideas sparkling your mind? Let me know which gift you got from this list! 

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