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Adkuzi and Chard

When the weather get's cooler and you want something hardier but with a touch of green beans can be a good choice for your meatless monday dish. 

The great thing is that it's really easy and it can stay in the fridge for few days for you to bring it to work, have dinner or a quick salty snack.


1 cup of dried adzuki beans if possible or in a can

1 onion of your choice

2 Tbs of tumeric

1 bunch of rainbow chard 

2 garlic pieces

salt to your taste


Soak the beans if dried over night before in some water and if possible with a kombu algae or some apple cider vinegar to make the beans more digestible. If you use the canned ones look for beans that have been soaked in kombu and have no added preservatives.

After soaking rinse them with cold water and remove the kombu. Put them aside in a bowl. 

Chop the onion and add some olive oil in a pot (I use the creuset pot), add some salt and cook them till soft and golden. Once ready add the beans and tumeric and let it cook a little bit to get some taste and after 5 minutes add water till the beans are fully soaked and let them cooked with a low flame and a cover.

In the meanwhile in another pan put the peeled garlic and olive oil and let it warmup but don't burn the garlic. Add the cleaned and chopped chard and let it cook for a little with a little salt, after few seconds cover it with and let is cook for five minutes, I don't like over cooked vegetables, but the stems are the hardest part of this green so cut it apart and let it cook a little longer then the leafy part. Once those are ready put them in a bowl where you will add the beans when ready. 

After 15 minutes check on the beans and if the water is mostly soaked in the beans should be ready, but at times they take longer, and it also depends on how you like your beans. If they are still hard add 1/2 cup of water otherwise turn off the fire and add them to the chard without the extra water that will be residue in the pot. 

Let it cool a little and you are ready to have this simple but great and filling dish. 

Which are your favorite beans? How do you cook them? Let me know I love to try new recipes!


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