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5 Tips to Travel with a 6 Month Old


Traveling with babies sounds always impossible, but the earlier you introduce them to traveling the better it will be. Our first long-distance travel was back to Italy from NYC with our little girl which was 6 months old. I was traveling with my sister and everything went very smoothly. Here are my few tips for it

1. TSA: 

The beauty of having a baby is that literally, you can bring anything that is for the baby, filled bottles with water for your formula, breastmilk pouches (no limit), creams, oils, medicine. Remember you also have a baby to carry so try to still bring the bare necessities in that carry on diaper bags. We had diapers, wipes, baby clothes (bring extra for blowouts), breast milk into cooler, baby bottle, Muslim and cashmere blanket, bibs, pacifier and few rattles. 

2. Get Comfy: 

We had Diana in a onesie and footie pants and changed her when it was bedtime to a footie pajama with a short sleeve onesie under. When we arrived since it was summer we then changed her into her pants and socks outfit and a sweater. Make it easy for you and just remember to have changes in case of accidents like spit up, blow out or milk.

3. Sleeping: 

Believe it or not, Diana slept all night (about 6 hours) which allowed us also to rest. We were lucky enough to have a whole row where my sister and me when at the aisle seats and Diana in the 2 center seats. We use the Skybaby travel mattress which was awesome and worked perfectly there, we had light muslin which we used to avoid the plane light from above and wrapped her in her sleep sack. If you have no extra space you can make your baby sleep with the mattress on your lap, or using the wrap or carrier. 

4. Gear

We traveled light with only the carrier, the Beco or Baby Bjorn so far are our favorites. What we do for stroller and car seat, we have an unmbrella stroller we travel with, and have one back to Italy to use, and we order on Amazon a car seat, use it and return it or there are many companies that are less expensive then car rentals where you can rent your geat. But if you need to travel with these I will suggest getting the Doona or yoyo stroller which are both small and light to travel. Also we love our Fjallraven backpack that fits many things and when you have the baby in a carrier it's very comfy to use. Lastly being summer and Diana not too heavy we also had the Baby K'Tan wrap which we loved. 

5. Baby Perks

When traveling with an infants you have few perks at the airport. First remember to arrive a little earlier just in case something happens or it takes longer to get to the gate. Also most airport have baby lines for security go get there faster. When at the gate, you will be able to embark earlier to settle your self and your baby before the crowd comes in. Try to have the baby bag handy under your seat. When deciding your seat try to either get the front seats for international flights where you can reserve a bassinet. This is normally first come first serve and at times it goes by weight or infant age, the best thing is to call the airline in advance and see what you can get. Also every aircraft have bathrooms with changing tables which are great and some airline have amazing stewardesses which will hang with you baby. 

What were the best tips you will give to a traveling mom?

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