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Hospital Bag Essentials

Hospital Bag Essentials


Is now that time when the due date is coming soon and you are in a full on nesting period. I had this early and luckily enough I decided to make my bag early and little Diana decided to come early. 

As a first mom I packed a bunch of thing but then used a small amount, so I decided to put my must have. 

1. Documents: ID, Insurance, the hospital admittance application which you can get on your tour, and any other important documentations you need. 

2. Birth Plan: Whichever delivery you decide to have put it on writing, ensure yourself to have your birth plan in hand or to firmly ask for what you want. My birth plan was handed off to the main nurse before I went in for delivery, but since I had an early delivery I had to make some changes, but luckily enough the stuff and everything went great. 

3. Night gown and robe: If you want to use your own during labor have 2 otherwise use the hospital one and then once you deliver get into your clean and new one. Also since it's cold into hospital have a nice robe which you can use while walking around post partum. 

4. Mommy bidet and soap: This is a much for a vaginal birth.

5. Wireless speaker: If you want to have your music during delivery and in your room this will be useful, I had it on right before I was ready to push since we forgot of it before, but it was nice as a background when little Diana came to this world.

6. Chargers: Bring phones chargers which will be needed while your husband will communicate with the family, close ones during the process, and after you might want to send messages, emails or call few peoples. 

7. Baby essentials: Hoping that whole goes well and you will leave the hospital with your bundle of joy get the diapers you think you will be using, a swaddle, heavy blanket if it's cold out, a hat and the outfit you want it to go home with.

8. Your going home clothes: Don't forget to get your change of clothes to get home. Have something loose and comfortable (sweats, gym shoes or sandal, large shirts) and a belly wrap. 

9. Special one essential: Set of clothes and toiletries 

10. Toiletries:


shampoo, conditioner and hair dryer (bath robe, flip flop if you plan to shower)

Foot, hand and body lotion since your skin might be dried and you might like a rub post partum 

Glasses (if you wear contacts) 

Deodorant, face cream, lip balm, hair ties 

Belly rub and nipple cream 

11. Snack for the hubby and yourself: almond butter, fruits, crackers of choices, trail mix, and chocolate 

12. Extras: If you want bring your underwear, post partum pads, gripping socks, ear plugs 

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