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4 Tips for Bottle Feeding

4 Tips for Bottle Feeding

Bottle feeding can happen for many reason that are both mom or baby decision. Some women have low milk or no milk and the best way to get it out is by pumping the milk and give it by bottle. If the baby is in the NICU mainly the baby will be bottle fed. After work leave (3 months in NYC) moms need to return to work and to keep the milk supply as well as feeding the baby while being at work the bottle will be the only mean.  Some babies have a hard time latching because of various reason, here the bottle will be the best mean to feed you baby with your pure gold breast milk supply. Last but not least, some moms have very low supply to not be able to feed their little ones only by their breastmilk and they need to use formula as well, nothing to be ashamed of. Here are few tips on how to prepare with this based on my experience. 

I had a very low supply due to breast surgery and my little one was in the NICU for 10 days. Meanwhile I was pumping my milliliters for milk, I was feeding her formula (Neosure at the NICU and HIPP/Holle at home) until I found donor moms and have been able to have little Diana on breastmilk for the past 3 months (now she is 5 months). We had to deal with colics, sanitizing, warming, feeling like I wasn't a good mom since I couldn't supply her with my own milk. Diana is now a super healthy and strong baby. 

1. Bottles:

We had to try many of these due to colics, sucking flows and usefulness. Here are our 3 favorite brands. Starting with Dr Bronner to beginning because of the great anti-colic and baby size bottles for preterm babies which have the tendencies of getting colics. Second in position is Comotomo great design all in silicone which I love and is designed to mimic the breast with it's soft container and nipple that moves like the normal one. This one has two sizes and we love and swear by it now. The last one we like is NUK a brand that has been out there for 50+ years and their bottle have a good anti-colic system and have large size. The only downfall is that when sanitizing (boiling) with can change shape since it doesn't take the heat very well.  

2. Warmer:

When my mom landed to NYC to be with me and heard we boiled water on demand and then cooled the bottle with a cooler bowl and did this in the middle of the night, she said we are crazy and said: " First thing we'll do is to buy a bottle warmer" and we did. Amazon these days are being very happy that I am a mom since we buy lots from there. There are many out there, just make sure it will fit various bottles or at least yours. We got Kindee Koozi and worked with every bottle and also the Medela containers. This is a life saver. If you use formula you can use boiled water and then have in a separate glass bottle and keep room temperature, or you can use a purifier and then keep the water in the large water container or to make it easier you can move it to a smaller glass bottle. All you will need to do then is put the water to the amount you desire, add the powder and mix well. If cool then warm it a little. 

3. Get Comfy:

I feel that everyone is always concerned on the position of a mom breastfeeding and props them up but I believe that with bottle feeding is the same. You need to make sure you first get comfy. You little one will take it's time at the beginning to finish the small amount it eats and at times he/she will fall asleep on you and you don't want to move so you are stranded. Use a feeding pillow like the boppy pillow (which is great for moth breastfeeding and bottle feeding). Prop yourself on a chair or in the couch. If you have space, invest into a rocking chair which is awesome and you are comfy your baby will love the rocking and you tend to don't slouch. 

4. Prepare:

When you bottle feed you need to always be prepare for being out or to have bottles ready with your milk or water to then just pour formula for the middle of the night. What we do and have being doing since we have frozen breastmilk pouches. We defrost a bunch of them and prepare bottles to have ready for feeding. As for formula we have the purified water in a glass bottle and add it to the bottle and keep it there until it's feeding time, then pour the mixture, shake and let it set at room temperature, or warm just a little. If out make sure you will are prepared with a bottle if longer then 30 minutes, or if on a schedule check on the time. If not, you will find yourself needing to rush home or you need to compromise with stopping at a store and getting already made bottles. 

5. Sanitize:

As a new mom, I know that some people want to buy everything but when my mom told me to absolutely sanitize the bottles or the baby can get thrush. Instead to buying a sanitizer, all we do is boiling it for 5 minutes and then hang it dry in it's separate rack. Especially when young separate the nipples from the rims and before putting to sterilize, clean with a long brush and a safe soap. Once in a while you can add a drop of white vinegar to get it even more sanitized. Once the bottle or nipple start to be cloudy or had parts that are ripping you will need to change those. 

I hope I got you cover and feel more prepared now! Feel free to ask more questions.

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