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Cloth vs Disposable Diapers

Cloth vs Disposable Diapers

As a mom, you might wonder which diaper is better for your little one. Which one perhaps is good for the environment and most resistant for your baby explosions. I have tried a bunch of different ones in the last 3 months and here are my thoughts: 

At first, we started with cloth diapers which worked good and had disposable inserts which could be thrown in the toilet when only wet and diaper pail when they had poop. 


G Diaper: 

I like those lots, various inserts can go into them and they have a pouch inside the diaper which keeps everything well inside it. The side velcro to close it is also good and you can adjust to your baby size. They are not cheap but I just got the Try Me bundle and use when home. Their inserts are totally compostable and the inside of it when only wet can be tossed in the toilet, and no clogging will happen. 

Charlie Banana: 

These are good and have both disposable inserts or cloth ones. I found the cloth ones didn't keep the diaper dry enough instead the disposable ones are much better. The inserts are also super soft, made of cellulose and cotton and totally earth friendly. We stopped using this after 2 months because they had blowouts and leaked which is probably because she wasn't big enough for it. 


Seventh Generation: 

You probably know this company and their commitment to making earth friendly products. The diapers are also pretty good. Seven Generations is one of the few companies that have the list the ingredients in the packaging, which it's hard to find on diapers. It felt and look like brown recycled paper, and there was a little leaking during poop explosions. The price is about 0.26 each diaper. 


Every parent will pledge to those and I do too. I love them and they keep everything well contained. It is also chlorine free, dermatologically tested, and made from forests where more trees are planted than felled. One of my favorite park of it is that is earned the Nordic Swan ecolabel, one of the strictest accreditations in the world. The price is about 0.36 per diaper. 


I am using those nowadays since it works for us and price wise I think it is really good being only 0.27 per diaper. The look is simple, the durability and eco-friendliness are quite high and it fits well around baby Diana's body. You can also subscribe on Amazon for this to receive every month. 

My Diaper Box: 

Now many of you might have heard them, this company is from Colorado and was created from a family of 2 who realizes the price of diapers were high and they were not safe for the babies and the planet. This is a simple subscription and you also make a change. My Diaper Box will donate diapers to children in need with every subscription you purchase. Isn't that great? 

365 Whole Foods 

Once we ran out of diapers and so we got those and we like it. They were soft and stayed well on her but didn't cover enough either pee or poo. The price is the lowest 0.25 and might work for smallest babies but not once their poops are more often and liquid. 

Which is your favorite eco-friendly diaper? Did this info helped?


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