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7 Useful Must Ask Baby Shower Items

7 Useful Must Ask Baby Shower Items

Diana in her Mayzero in Richmond, Virginia

Diana in her Mayzero in Richmond, Virginia

As a new mom you don't really know what is needed and what not. Unfortunately, any companies will make you believe that their products are a must have. I have made a small list of your must ask/have for you baby shower registry:


This sounds silly, there are so many cute clothes out there and you want them all. I promise that for the first months the best things to ask are PJ with zippers, those are easy to put on and off and great when you are waking up every 2-3 hours to feed your little one. 

Muslin organic cotton swaddle blankets:

Those were one of the best gifts. We have used them for many things; car seat cover when to warm, blankets for floor, park or anyplace outside, little tent cover when too sunny, breastfeeding cover etc. 

Mayzero portable bassinet:

Are you a traveling family who enjoys both car ride or plane rides? A very useful gifts I got. We have traveled to Virginia and upstate with our baby at about 2 months old and having her sleep in there were great. The cool thing is that you can also have everything you need (diapers, cream, wipes, bottles, hand sanitizer etc) here, and you can use it to change her at gas stops or to the rental house, or hotel. 

Amido di riso:

This is rice starch which is great to smooth baby skin if put in their bath or for rashes if you dilute it with some water and you put it directly on the spot needed. It is an Italian product but can be sent to Italy and works wonders. 

Bluetooth speaker:

Noise machine No Thanks! Luckily enough you can find many white noises on YouTube. Just have a Bluetooth speaker that you can bring to their room or near the bassinet. Our little Diana loved the sound of water so we had wave sounds at home all day, now we passed to classical and other music. 

Bambo Matimati cloth wipes:

Cloth wipes have various advantages than one-time use wipes. And your little one uses at least about 8-10 wipes daily. The first reason to use these wipes is that they are soft. Second, you save money and you can have wipes for when you are out with your little one. Third you baby will get less to no rashes, isn't that great? Our little girl spent some time in the NICU and they only had regular wipes which were pretty harsh and she came home with a pretty bad rash. We were able to resolve it after few days with leaving her butt out a little, use these wipes, spreading calendula oil and lastly using organic cotton inserts and cloth diapers (gdiapers and Charlie Banana). 

Burp Cloth:

Whether you are breastfeeding, bottle feeding or formula feeding these are very useful for your little one. You can put on them while feeding, on you so the extras that they spit up doesn't go all over your clothes. We used these a lot and are useful to have always with you for also any dirt emergency etc

Which products do you want me to talk about? Bottles, pacifiers, games?

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