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Ethical Christmas Baby List


When it comes to Christmas many families will say that they receive too many toys, unuseful things and they find the house filled with things they will never use. 
I am starting a new tradition to teach our daughter how to don't be wasteful, over stimulated in a world of consumerism. After another mom told us we are going to use this method for holidays and birthday. Choose 1 or 2 out of this list

1 thing they need

This will depend on your baby age but it can be a crib, car set, umbrella stroller, bycicle anything bigger perhaps that the grandparents might like to contribute and buy. It's nice at times to give the big bulk to a family member. Just do your research and you can send them exact details or link to what it's needed. 

1 thing they want

This will fall on the toys category most of the time. But once again you don't need to be wasteful with this but there are many ethical gift you can get your little one and they still can love it. Wooden toys, music toys like drums or xylophone, knitted toys such as animals or foods, cotton toys like rattles or dolls and the list can go on. Two of our favorite stores are Land of Nod and Palumba.

1 thing to wear

Here it can be tricky but also fun to let people choose what to get but since you normally will have many clothes and baby grow fast, always ask for a size bigger and maybe your major needs, a coat, long sleeve onesies, dress, rompers, shoes trying to don't get another random piece of clothe to add to the stack. Also here try to be ethical with what to ask, for example, do you know It will take you about 290 gallons of water to grow enough conventional, high-yield cotton to produce a t-shirt, according to Cotton Inc. ... But about half of the cotton crops globally—organic and conventional—get their water from rainfall. We have both kind of clothes but there are many companies out there which are ethical and beautiful like L'oved, Colored Organic, Two birdees, Winter Water Factories etc... 

1 thing to read

Last to read to your little one since they are born it will help their brain develop speech and they will expand their vocabulary, expose them to color, it's bonding time and introduce them to emotions, another important skill. One of our favorite book is called Ganesha. Palumba has great books, also this year we are asking for books about mother nature, storytelling, and various language books. 

I hope this will help you make this Christmas an ethical and fun one for your little ones. If you want to have more tips comment and let me know!

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