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7 Favorite 3-6 Months Old Essentials

7 Favorite 3-6 Months Old Essentials


Your baby now is starting to be more movable and wants to grab things, be engaged and learn more. This time is also when teeth are starting to push, and can bring some pain and fever. As they grow they will be more interested in sitting and play with toys that are colorful, make sounds and more. Here is a list of my favorite things to have handy this time of your baby's life. 


This period will be a long one, it lasts for about 15 months for them to get all their teeth. This can bring pain, fever, fussiness, clinginess and more. Rest assured that there are few great tools for this. The first is, pile up with teething cool toys, Sophie the giraffe (crack for babies as I call it), chamomilla in homeopathic pills to dilute in a little water, chamomile tea (1 ounce a day), copaiba essential oil and if really needed some baby Tylenol and Motrin lots of hugs and kisses. 



This is an essential for few reasons, first since the baby until then is very little mobile you can put them to play there and do some chores that you need to do. I liked the gym with mirror, it is a great way to learn since they can start to see at 3 months. Rattles are some great toys to start increasing their hearing and neck movement. Don't forget to keep working on their belly time and certain toys will make them lift their head more to see. 


I love cloth and wooden toys and there are so many things out there. But as they grow you want to develop more their brain so musical ones, colorful ones and things that slowly they can start to learn how to grab are great. 

Activity table/gym:

IMG_0835 (1).jpg

As 6 months approach as well as their mobility an activity gym or table could be a great new entertainer and will also teach them more to hold their head and motor skills. I love the Skip Hop one since it has more than one use and will last and can be used as an activity table through toddler. 


As your little one starts to learn to seat you can start with making them exercise on the Bumbo seat which you can put on the floor or the table and play with them so they work their neck and spine before being fully ready to seat. We used this a bunch and was a great way for them to feel supported. 


Bathtub slip free:

Once your little one can finally sit and have more control bath time is much more fun. You can use the Munchkin anti-slip mats in the baby tub or your own tub and still holding them at first this will help the sinking underwater accident. 


By 6 month the baby's belly is ready for food and you can see if your little one has interest by simply putting them on the high chair during mealtime with a piece of food in front to play and discover. Eventually, you will see more and more interested. My list of must-have for this time is the Munchkin and Beaba spoons, Skip hop and modern twist bibs, XOX food container, Beaba food maker and Mila's Meal book. And then just dig in with foods and remember to try foods for three days especially for allergens. 

Do you have any other products you want to mention or know about? Let me know!

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