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4 Cosmetics To Use During Pregnancy

4 Cosmetics To Use During Pregnancy


You may or may not know that your skin is the biggest organ in your body and you want to avoid to putting harmful ingredients on it. Your are also growing another tiny human being inside you and everything you put on you goes through to your baby via the umbilical cord. 

Do you know that your skin takes just 26 minutes to absorb anything you put on your skin and it goes directly into your blood stream? Studies have shown that more than 10,000 Americans have had their blood tested by the CDC to attempt to determine the chemicals in them and they found there were hundreds of synthetic chemicals in their bloodstream. Even more disturbingly was that this chemical exposure started before they ever took their first breath. About 287 chemical toxins have been detected in the umbilical cord and bloodstream of a newborn baby

Now that you are aware of the possibilities, you will want to avoid using most generic brands and avoid toxic ingredients. Here is a list of the ones to watch out for: 

SLS/SLES (Sulfates), Parabens, Synthetic fragrances, Petroleum or mineral oil, Phthalates, Nanoparticles, Triclosan, Formaldehyde or any carrier, TEA, PEG, DEA, animal testing or by-products. A great resource to find clean ingredients use the app called Healthy Living from the Environmental Working Group or use their website.          Here are some recipes I have found to create harmless products for Mommy & Baby::

1. Body Wash:

I suggest using Dr. Bronner brand Olive oil bar soap or here an easy recipe for one of my body washes for a 250ml bottle:

3/4 of the bottle filled with Dr. Bronner Castile Liquid Soap Almond or natural

1 Large Tablespoon Jojoba Oil 

1/4 of the bottle to finish Coconut or almond milk 

10-15 drops Jasmine, peppermint, lavender or almond essential oil

1 teaspoon Vitamin E (optional)

Mix all together, and voila! You get a smooth, delicate wash with no harmful chemicals that both you and your partner will love — I promise. 

2. Body Butter or lotion: There are various options here. You can go with Beautycounter which has a great one, especially if it's winter and your skin needs extra moisture! They also have one for summer when you may need something lighter. I made my body butter based on the S.W.Basics by Adina Grigore book. She has a great recipe but also makes great body products you can buy online or at some Target locations in NYC. 

3. Oils: As I mentioned on the Helpful Second Trimester Tips Blog post, I suggest rubbing oil on your belly, breasts, sides, and gluteus to avoid stretch marks. You will also notice that the breast will increase in size during pregnancy and the belly skin will be tight as it grows. Avoid the body belly butter or oils they have at the drug store and go for the good quality coconut, almond, wheat germ or avocado oil. Just make sure when you rub it on and wait 15 minutes or until its absorbed before putting clothes on or you will get everything soaked in oil. I suggest to do this before bed or while watching a movie/reading a book so the skin with have time to soak the oil in. 

4. Toothpaste: This might seem weird to you but especially during pregnancy, you want to avoid toothpaste filled with harsh ingredients and fluoride. Opt for a natural one like Desert Essence, Toms or you can make your own with baking soda, natural glycerin, coconut oil and peppermint or tee tree oil. There are many DIY recipes online you can find.

Which non toxic cosmetic do you use and love? Share your recipe or brand here! 

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