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Food during Pregnancy

Food during Pregnancy

Hello Mamas,

By now I am announcing my pregnancy and writing all of what I am learning slowly about this steps. If you are pregnant, or have friends who are, pass these info along.  By now you might have no hunger or many craves. Here is an easy list for you I made with my experience and knowledge.

Full Disclosure, I am not a doctor and this is based on personal experience and my studies:


Eat organic fruits and vegetables of any kind, prewash with a mixture of water, white vinegar and lemon (I made a batch and put it in glass spray bottle and washed vegetables and fruits before storing them). Use the Dirty Dozen, Clean Fifteen list from the Environmental Working Group.

If you crave meat also make sure is organic, pasture raised, and try to eat lean meats but don't have too much chicken. Tibetan medicine states that chicken will harden your pelvis bone and could make your labor harder, something you definitely want to avoid.  If you are more of a fish eater stay with small wild fishes like sardines, anchovies, wild salmon, grouper, cod, flounder, lake fishes. 

Whole grains are great since they won't raise you blood sugar which is good, especially if you might have pregnancy diabetes or suffer of it before hand. 

Dairies, if craving them have them but stay away from raw cheeses likes brie, blue cheese or mozzarella, unless they have been cooked on top of a pizza, lasagna, quiche or vegetables. Dry pasteurized cheeses are great if you like that little glass of milk or add them into your granola try with goat milk since it lighter for you digestive track. Yogurt is great if you are in the mood for it. I wasn't which was weird since I ate it almost every morning.

Beans and lentils: These are a great source of proteins which are not animal based. Have them perhaps with some rice or soak them (except lentils) before to make them more digestible.  

Drink if needed 1 cup of coffee a day but try to not have it every day. Here is a great alternative I use. As for tea it's tricky with pregnancy here are some good non-caffeinated one to have: rose hip, chamomile, alfa alfa, nettle, raspberry, ginger for upset stomach, peppermint for nausea and upset stomach,  vegetable fresh juices (make sure they are pasteurized since many cold press juices are not), coconut water which is great for hydration and load up in filtered water. Keep yourself hydrated even if it will bring you to the toilet more. You want to make sure your baby is filled with water in the womb.


Stay away from any salad bars, delis, food that have been sitting out for a long time and there are higher chances of bacteria growth. 

Cured meat and fish since it can have harmful bacteria called listeria. No bacon, prosciutto, bresaola, smoked salmon for some time unless is cooked at high temperature, such as in the oven or in a pan. If you want some you can be safe with prosciutto cotto since it cooked and mortadella but make sure it's great quality.

Green tea and herbal teas weirdly enough make the folic acid not to be absorbed. Reach for a cup of different tea some a bit. 

If you are a fish lover, try to keep yourself to 2 serving weekly. Stay away from large fishes (swordfish, tuna, mahi-mahi, mackerel, sea trout), if you are a seafood lover have about 8 oz weekly and make sure everything is well cooked. I use Vital Choice where I but wild and great quality fish or my local coop. Also no sushi or raw fish for a bit. 

Uncooked eggs are something to set aside for now but don't despair. When going to brunch get an omelet well done or hard boiled eggs. I make scrambled at home and make sure that they aren't runny. That is ok.  

Gluten grains: These can be eaten if well digested but remember it will make your blood sugar rise all of a sudden so try to not have too much of it. Choose gluten free pasta when possible. But if in the mood for some more comfort dishes have it. 

Raw Honey: If you want this sweetener to make sure it's cooked like in a dessert or a little bit in tea. But it's safer to buy pasteurized one because of some harmful bacteria it can have. This is why your pediatric will tell you to make sure you child will have no honey until the age of 1 minimum. Instead, reach for coconut sugar which is a low glycemic sweetener or maple syrup. 

Peanuts: This is a high allergenic which is better is you stay away from it during the pregnancy to make your baby possibly have no reaction after. 

Packaged and high processed foods: Stay away from harmful chemical food with high processed ingredients you can't pronounce and don't know what it is. 

I hope this helps. Now just feel what your body needs and if it's on the DO list then you are good to go.


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