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Helpful first trimester Tips

Helpful first trimester Tips

The first trimester of your pregnancy is where everything start and where you are excited, tired, confused and some days overwhelmed.

This time is when the first changes happen to your body. You can have a bad start with morning sickness, cramps, headache or a little easier one with perhaps tiredness and a little nausea/heartburn.

Now you will start thinking about wanting to go with a doctor, midwife, hospital or home birth with or without a doula. Once you decide you might wonder how to start. Here are few tips:

Doctors: If you go this way make sure the doctor is experience, check what hospital he delivers, make sure you feel comfortable with him or her.  Look at zocdoc, ask friends who already has children (this is the way went), check who takes your insurance.  

Midwives: This route will bring you to the decision of doing at home births or in hospital since not every midwives delivers in hospitals. If you choose this route you might not need a doctor unless your practitioner feels like you should. All visits will be at either their office or your house. The best ways to find those is to ask friends, yoga teacher or even look online and do some near you and perhaps meet them. Also keep in mind that most of those have a fee and don't take insurance. 

Doulas: These will be only a support system during pregnancy. Doulas are not doctors. So you will need to choose first the practitioners to go with. Doulas can be good if you partner or family will not be around, and you will want a mediator between you and the hospital faculty. Also doulas have a fee depending sometimes on their experience. 

Move!!! During this period I felt mainly tired, not wanting to wear anything tight, hungry for warm food not much salads and cold vegetable. Fruits where the to-go sweets i felt like eating. I had tight hamstrings to make this feel better I would do about 20-30 minutes workout and yoga daily to get the body move. Try to keep a workout routine, so your body is well toned. Remember delivering is like doing the hardest work out you ever did. Why yoga? Read more in this post! 

Vitamins: Doctors might give you vitamins to try but many are filled with other things such as colors, soy, gluten which you might prefer to stay away from it. Life Equals are the best I have found so far and with code SER75 for a discount for your first month subscription or SER30 for a discount every time you order. Here are the vitamins I take

Prenatal Multivitamins: This should be taken before and during pregnancy to make sure you are covered with all the nutrients you and you future baby will need. Even with an healthy diet you still need to get some extra boost.

Omegas: Omega-3s have been found to be essential for the visual and neurological development of your little bundle of joy.  This fats are not synthesized from our body this is why we need to take it as a supplement.  Omega-3s are also used after birth to make breast milk. This fatty acids have positive effect during the pregnancy itself, by showing that it prevent pre-term labor and delivery, lower the risk of preeclampsia and may increase the baby's to a healthy weight. Contact me for a client discount.

Folic Acid: At least make sure you are taking 900 or more mg. This vitamin can be in the prenatal vitamin but check if it is enough or you might add a separate one for it. The importance for this acid is very important for the creation of the spine and brain of the baby. As well as it prevent birth defects. Now here a useful tip: don't drinking green or herbal tea with it since it make the vitamin to not be absorbed.

Probiotics: During pregnancy your immune system is compromised due to making another human inside you. Probiotics will help to keep your immune system up and strong. It will also help to prevent you from having candida, or colds. 

Read the next post to know more about food. 

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