Cooking is my biggest passion, as already mentioned. Food is life, teaching to cook, enjoying healthy and delicious food is what I am here for. The different experiences that are offer will be for every palate. Food is what gathers people together, makes you happy and is the essence of life.  


Event Cooking Class

Cooking is the first step to food, and in classes at times you cook but don’t know where your ingredients come from and then you go home without tasting fully your food. 

Invite your friends and have me over to teach you how to cook healthy and delicious recipes knowing where your ingredients come from and then sit to taste your food and enjoy the company. 

Max 5 people. 

In-House Cooking

Cooking is a form of art. I love to make people enjoy healthy food that can be shared with family and friends. This product is for you to enjoy a night with your friend at home with no cooking fuss. I will come in, cook healthy food that will fit any dietary restriction, clean up and leave meanwhile you mingle with your friends. 

This also fits for busy families who wants to have a healthy dinner on the table but have no time and once home no imagination. Imagine coming home and simply enjoy time with the husband or the children and then sit to a meal without needing to stress about what to make to dinner. 

I will cook for  a max of 15 people. The kitchen need to be fully equipped and I don’t provide alcohol. 

This service can fit various occasions: 
Friends Party
Bachelorette Party
Birthday Party
Graduation Party
Family Dinner
Sunday Brunch 

Supper Club

Eating is fun, meeting new people is a great way to socialize and food can be healthy and delicious. The Supper Club is based on keeping everything local, in season and with homemade. These dinner don’t exceed more than 15 people, the locations vary, as well as the themes. The events are BYOB, sign up on the Newsletter or follow me for the events dates.



Interest to participate to a dinner, organize one, have me cooking at your home for your girls night, dinner with friends,  small bachelorette, birthday or have your beautiful work shown?