About Arianna

I was born in Rome, Italy. I spent my first years of life around the world between Buthan, Nepal and more. Unfortunately I don't remember much. I moved to the US at the age of 15 and now I am a true "New Yorker" but still keep my italian heritage with me.

This means that I love to cook and enjoy a nice glass of wine with my friends. I am a holistic health coach and a yoga teacher.

I studied at IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition), received a 200hr Teacher Trainer certificate from Yoga Works and a pre-natal teacher training with Integral yoga teacher at Bend and Bloom.

I grew up being introduced to many foods, from a typical italian diet to an asian macrobiotic one. I enjoyed greens and the thrill of new tastes.

Balance can often take a lifetime to master without the right tools. You should have goals in life to give you a purpose and once achieved you will feel great about yourself.  I was always interested in clean and healthy food, I grew up in a pretty health conscious family in Italy, were fresh produce at the market and seasonal food were a must. After having a father with colon cancer and myself with Hashimoto's thyroid, which I was able to reverse, I decided to become an health coach and enrolled at IIN . Here I learned the motto of how "one diet doesn't fit all". This school introduces you to more the 100 diets and your teachers are the top notch of the health and wellness industry such as Dr Lipman, Andrea Beaman, Dr Oz, Dr Hyman and others from all over the world to. With IIN I wasable to dig dipper in what I already know.  Food is important for the well being of the human body, as is having a physical routine. I do yoga to help my mind settle, my body flow properly, and to make me feel at ease and happy. It is my hobby and also my passion. I look forward to sharing my world with you!


Articles by Arianna


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I have never done yoga before beginning to take Hatha yoga classes with Arianna. For a first timer, her presence is warm and calming. She had an extremely caring approach in teaching. Right from the start she was very observant and hands on to help me develop good technique and posture. I can feel improvements with my flexibility and strength within a couple of classes. I am definitely going to continue to take more classes with her whenever I get a chance
— Lucy L.
Arianna is a great yoga teacher. I had problems with my knees and my back after traveling and she had knowledge to work with me with specific poses to relieve the pains. She also uses very good cues to make me understand the perfect alignment and i could stretch more and feel great after.
— Judith
Working with Arianna has been a wonderful gift to myself. Setting aside just a but of time each week to work with her on straightening my yoga practice and refocusing my attention on my diet and stress lever has proven to be a truly valuable investment. The individual yoga sessions were much more helpful that I could have imagined, allowing me to really gain a solid understanding of my posture and alignment which I never really got in a larger class. The increase strength I felt more just a few classes was really noticeable! Arianna is also just a very kind and patient person who is motivating without being harsh or judgmental. Thank You, Arianna!
— Rebecca
Terrific Teacher
Arianna is a wonderful teacher. She takes me where I am and gently helps me to reach beyond bringing me fully into my body and breath.
— Cindy H.
Yoga with Arianna is both challenging and relaxing at the same time! She forms her sequences in a way that will make you work, providing clear instructions and gentle yet firm hands on adjustments as needed. When you’re done, you can practically melt into the floor. She is able to incorporate her lively personality into her teaching, but will also lead you through the meditative and calming aspects with ease, leaving you refreshed and ready to face whatever is outside the studio waiting for you. You’ll be glad you spent your precious yoga time with her!
— Melanie S.
Arianna’s supper club events are a lovely way to spend an evening! Good people and a warm atmosphere combined with delicious, healthy and seasonal food.
— Heather B.
I have attended two of Arianna’s super clubs and both were unique in an awesome kind of way. They both began with a nice cocktail followed with great food that was very tasty and healthy! I invited a friend to attend each and both walked away with a great impression as it too was their first experience with such a creative event. The mystery of who you’ll meet at these events make the occasion a great opportunity to meet folks you otherwise would never meet. I highly recommend attending one of Arianna’s event and experience it for yourself. With the holidays approaching it’s a great treat for you and perhaps a friend!
— Jeannie J